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In light of the current climate with the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has transitioned to online services. Class lectures, online meetings, teacher notes, and even exercises are available online now. What would we do without technology?

You know what else is offered online? Writing resources! Struggling with plot planning, sentence structure, and bibliographies? Here are a few easy-to-use websites for your writing needs.


Bibliography creator and paper checker at your service. offers a simple way to craft citations. Just input the correct information (author, date, website URL, title, etc.) and the generator will help you automatically create a citation. The free version offers MLA formatting exclusively, but you can opt for the paid service (EasyBib Plus) which allows access to 7,000 citation styles, and also provides unlimited grammar checks and plagiarism scans.

Purdue OWL

Purdue University houses an online writing lab (OWL) for students around the globe. With a wide range of resources available, you’ll surely find what you need. Writing guides, English as a Second Language information, tutoring resources and more are offered at the Purdue OWL website. You can find tips on subject-specific writing, various citation styles, more! It’s all at your fingertips, for free.

Project Gutenberg

Who needs to walk into a library when you have Project Gutenberg? It’s an online library with over 60,000 eBooks that include free Kindle downloads, as well. Many of them are classic literature pieces, expired books, and historical documents. This is really something special. Example: You can find Frankenstein, Moby Dick, The Yellow Wallpaper, and The Importance of Being Earnest on the website for free.

Your College Writing Center

Although school campuses are shut down, many centers are also shifting to providing online services. Some tutors and teachers. Just look up your college’s main page, and head over to your writing service website to see what’s available.

Plot Generator

Need help creating a plot for a short story, or just getting a grasp or your next essay? Plot Generator has a menu for all of your needs: fairy tales, short stories, twist plots, headlines, and hooks. You just click on your preferred option, and up comes a Mad Lib-like webpage. Fill in the blanks for character, animals, forests, heroes, adjectives, etc. You’ll be writing in no time.


One great organizational apps out there is Evernote. You can add notes, insert links and pictures, edit documents, set deadlines, and more, all within one app. If you want to write post-it notes, go for it. Add pictures to remember an integral point of your paper. Leave all of your best ideas in the app. Evernote provides one place for everything.

Resources and features mentioned are subject to change. Please see the official websites for official details.

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