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How to Cite a NASA Webpage

To infinity and beyond! Outer space has captivated our collective attention for years, and there’s no better place for aspiring astronauts to visit than the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) website. is filled with fascinating facts about our solar system and space exploration. It’s the perfect place to […]

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Teaching Insights: How to Model Effective Writing

Do you remember learning to drive? You probably didn’t learn by reading a how-to manual or listening to your parents lecture about driving. Most likely, you watched your parents operate a car while giving you step-by-step instructions. You probably learned through demonstrations and practice.  It’s the same way in education, […]

How to Cite a PowerPoint Presentation

Let’s be honest: Sometimes the best information for a paper comes straight from a professor’s PowerPoint presentation. But did you know that source needs to be cited? Whether you’re making use of your instructor’s lecture materials or pulling information from a Powerpoint found online, you need to make sure to […]

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When Common Knowledge Isn’t So Common

A cat is a common pet. Chocolate is a common candy. The fact that trees are plants is common knowledge… but what does ‘common knowledge’ mean exactly? Whether your teacher requires MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style, or another citation format, you already know how important it is to cite […]