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Improvements to APA Citations are Here!

At, we are dedicated to providing students and educators with the most accurate citations possible. That’s why we have developed technology that improves the quality of APA citations, specifically targeting the correct capitalization of titles of sources. When you are citing in APA on the citation generator on, […]

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How to Cite a Dr. Seuss Quote

Have you ever eaten Green Eggs and Ham? Maybe not, but you’ve probably read the book when you were young! It was written by Dr. Seuss, the well-known pen name of American children’s author Theodor Seuss Geisel. He’s famous for works such as The Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears […]

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How to Cite a Source in a Foreign Language

Good sources come in all types, sizes, and…languages! With the increasing popularity of searching for sources on the Internet, it is easier than ever to access sources from all over the world and in different languages. With these kinds of sources, however, it can be difficult to understand how to […]

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How to Cite a Memorial Inscription

President’s Day is nearly here! That means it’s time to pay tribute to past American presidents. First recognized in 1879 in honor of George Washington, this annual holiday marks a perfect moment to reflect on the lives of those who came before us and their contributions to the United States […]

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What We Learned About Writing in 2018

Whether or not you are a fan of writing, it has been a part of the student experience for thousands of years. While the concept of writing in education is anything but new, each year there are dozens of studies and articles that alter the writing landscape. Emerging technologies in […]