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You probably know the EasyBib writing tools service for its top-notch citation generator and as a tool to check for grammar errors and plagiarism. You probably didn’t realize, however, that the team at EasyBib works every day to personalize the citing and writing process as much as possible, so that our tools suit your specific academic needs. Here are some of the ways we can help you with your next paper that you may not have known about before:

We not only generate citations for you, we teach you about them

There is a treasure trove of information about citations at In our citation guides, we have tips for how to do things like organize an MLA works cited, format an APA reference list, create footnotes, create a Chicago style citation, list multiple authors in a citation, and so much more. Explore our guides before handing in your next paper.

Our paper checker is now AI-enhanced

Language is always evolving, and so should we. That’s why we recently decided to add artificial intelligence (AI) to our EasyBib Plus grammar checker! Powered by the technology developed by WriteLab, we now use AI to give you better writing feedback. Also, the AI-enabled EasyBib paper checker is continuously learning and trying to improve in order to give you the best suggestions and service possible.

You can create a custom citation for your paper

EasyBib writing tools support over 50 different source type options for you to cite in your paper. While this is a lot to choose from, there may be times where you are looking to cite something that we don’t currently have listed on our site. If that is the case, then you can choose “write/paste” citation from the source type dropdown. This feature allows you to include a citation of your choosing in your works cited page, and gives you complete control over the formatting.

You can ask an expert when you get stuck

Is there a tough citation question that you can’t find the answer to in our guides or your style manual? We have a resource for that! Check out our “Ask a Citation Expert” feature, which lets you ask questions to a pro in the world of citations. If the expert chooses your question or feels that it could help other students learn more about citations, it will be posted to our Frequently Asked Questions board with a reply.

New citation styles can be added

Citation styles change all the time, and new ones are published regularly. If you know of a style that we do not support, feel free to contact our support team (mentioned above) and suggest that we add it. In order to make the process as fast as possible, please include a link to documentation with the style rules/formatting. We are also always happy to hear suggestions on how to improve our existing styles.

We have a top-notch support team

Have a tech issue while creating citations? Have trouble finding your way around the site? Have a feature idea you’d like to suggest? Our support team is ready to handle any of these questions and more. Simply go to to get started with a new question or request. We also list the most frequently asked questions our support team handles, so that you can find the answer to your problem as quickly as possible.

We are open to suggestions

Above all, we love hearing from our users and truly value the input that they provide. If you have a suggestion or comment, do not hesitate to reach out to us via our support team mentioned above. Happy citing and writing!

Looking for more? Check out our grammar guides and build your knowledge of verbs, nouns, prepositions, and other parts of speech.

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