10 Ways to Fight Test Anxiety—and Win!

Ugh, tests. Taking them is a part of school life, but the test anxiety is real. Still, they are pretty important in determining things like grades, class placements, and even graduate school admissions. Using these tips to overcome your test stress will leave you more confident in tackling whatever assessment […]

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Focus! 5 Ways To Be More Productive

It’s the end of the semester, which means it’s finals season! Whether you have lots of papers to write or tons of tests to take, you feel the pressure to be productive. And yet, you may find yourself thinking, “I’ll just check my notifications for a minute.” The next thing […]


4 Note-Taking Systems To Consider

Taking clear and effective notes is an important skill for all students, and essential for effective self-study, paper-writing and revision—but which method is best? We take a look at four popular note-taking systems and the differences between them: The Cornell Method This method not only makes note taking quicker and […]