EasyBib School Access FAQs

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What is this?

Schools can sign up for a chance to test our new, ad-free EasyBib experience for schools. It includes all the perks of creating free EasyBib MLA citations, but without the ads. 

Why are you doing this?

Our team here at EasyBib, a Chegg service, received a lot of feedback from thoughtful educators. Because of this, we’ve been pursuing exciting initiatives — such as our recent partnership with Purdue OWL — that enhance EasyBib citation tools for student use. That includes this new, ad-free experience for MLA citation creation.

Is it really free? 

Yes! For schools that sign up, the experience is 100% free.

Are there ads?

Nope. Students will not see any ads as they create MLA citations at www.easybib.com as long as they:

  1. Follow the access instructions (we outline in the on-boarding email)
  2. Use the tool during normal school hours 

How does this work? / How do I sign up?

First, sign up here so we know you’re interested. Once we review your submission, we’ll send you an access link and directions on how to add it to your school’s/class’/library’s web page and share it with your students. See below to review what schools can currently sign up.

Who can sign up?

This service is available to schools and libraries at the high school and college level located in the US. The ad free experience is available only during normal school hours. This may or may not change in the future as we receive feedback and develop our experience for schools.

Can I sign up my entire district?

At this time, we only allow for one school sign up at a time. 

Something is not working. How can I get help?

Visit our Support Center to find solutions to common issues. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, click the “Email” icon at the bottom of an article to send a message to our team.