Write a #FavTeacher Haiku and You May Win an EasyBib Pro Subscription (May 14th Deadline)


With the school year coming to a close, many of us have one thing on our minds: summer fun and sun! Before you break out that sunblock, there’s one thing left to do: Thank your teachers for their dedication and getting you through the school year!

National Teacher Appreciation Week this year is May 8-12. It’s your chance to join the many students, administrators, parents, and local and national businesses to say thank you to America’s educators.

Show your favorite teacher how much you care on Twitter, and you could win a 5-year subscription to EasyBib Pro. To enter, simply:

    • Write a haiku (3 lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables) about your favorite teacher.

    • Post it on Twitter and include the hashtag #faveteacher and follow EasyBib so we can message you if you win.

    • You can enter from May 8th-May 14th, 2017. Official Rules can be found here.

For example:

English came alive

You brought fun, drama, passion!

Thank you Mrs. Fox

#favteacher #EasyBib


Ideas for Showing Appreciation in Class

Giving your teachers props shouldn’t only happen once a year. Wondering what you can do to show your favorite educator that you appreciate them? There are many simple and affordable ways to say thanks. You could donate a hardcover book to the school library and dedicate it to your favorite teacher. Educators also love small gifts that they can enjoy at school or at home. Small candles, fun or funky pens, stress balls, bookmarks, coffee mugs, and stationery sets are reasonably inexpensive gifts. A single flower with a spoken, heartfelt thanks is a kind gesture.

Looking to spend a bit more on that favorite educator who truly inspired you? A small gift card to the local bookstore or coffee shop is an extremely thoughtful present. If you’re short on funds, see if other classmates are willing to pitch in for a group gift.

The best gift of all? A handwritten note that says thanks. Throw in a blurb about a lesson or unit that resonated with you the most. Your teacher will appreciate the time and effort you took to write such a meaningful note. They may even hold onto this memento for years to come!

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