8 Things You Actually Missed About High School


Summer is wrapping up and going back to high school is lurking around the corner. Even though the months packed with pool time and limited responsibility are over, going back to school can still be exciting. You might even look forward to it! Check out these 8 things that you actually missed about high school, whether you realized it or not.

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1. Cheering on the home team

Coming back to school for the fall means that it’s that time of the year again – the face paint comes out, the student section is packed, and the whole school is ready to cheer on its favorite players. Whether you like to watch soccer, football, or any other sport, going to games with friends is one of the best things about high school. Almost nothing can make you feel school pride like chanting for your team with your favorite people.

2. That one super cool teacher

Some high school teachers can be a little boring. Some can even be a little bit mean. Everyone has that one teacher, though, that is a little cooler than the rest; one they just seem to click with. Heading back to class with that teacher after a long summer can be a fun catchup that makes coming back to school exciting.

3. Seeing your friends every single day

It can be hard to see all of your friends in the summer. Family vacations, practices, and other things can get in the way really easily. During the school year, though, every day is a chance to see all of your best friends, even if for only a second.

4. Meeting with your favorite clubs and teams

Clubs and sports teams can be some of the best things about high school. These groups help us find our niche and feel included in something bigger. Whether it be musical theater, a volunteer group, or the volleyball team, seeing all of your friends from your favorite group again when you go back to school is definitely a plus.

5. Going to school events

Even though summers are usually quiet, during the year, there is always something going on at school. Whether that be a pep rally or an art showcase, big school events are some of the most fun and memorable parts of high school.

6. Big dances

While they only happen a few times a year, school dances are always something exciting. Getting dressed up with your friends, eating a nice dinner, and swooning over a date make big dances something special. Whether it be homecoming, a Sadie Hawkins, or even prom, these huge events are always a big deal.

7. Feeling that sense of freedom

Living at home during the summer can make you feel a little trapped sometimes. During the school year, though, you can make so many choices – what classes to take, who to befriend, what clubs to join, and more. Going back to a place where you can think for yourself and learn freely can be a breath of fresh air after a long summer cooped up.

8. Learning

At the end of the day, school is all about learning new things. Whether you’re psyched about learning a new language or can’t wait to read some really great books in English class, high school is the place to learn. Finding your passions and discovering new things is a great part of high school that is hard to replicate during the summer.

Ready to go back yet? The end of summer can be sad at first, but after realizing all the great things that come with high school, it can be easy to get excited again. Keeping a positive attitude and remembering the good parts will help you have a great year, even when things get tough. Bring on the school year!

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