10 Gift Ideas Your Teacher Will Love


Although teachers never expect gifts from their students, especially in the upper grades, it’s always a pleasant surprise and a thoughtful way to let your teachers know they are appreciated. Since many teachers try to keep their personal lives separate from their work, it can be hard to know what gift your teacher will actually like and use. If you’re stuck for ideas, try one of the ten gift suggestions below that most teachers would love.

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Almost all of us drink coffee to keep up with you energy balls. Instead of another mug (we get them all the time), some fancy, seasonal, or special coffee to put into a mug would surely be used.

Spa day items

Teachers work hard every day and don’t take much time to pamper themselves. Lower-budget options could include face masks, bubble bath soap, and candles. For more of a splurge you could throw in fluffy towels or a soft robe.

Movie passes

Teachers do what we do because we are passionate about our jobs, not to make the big bucks. Treat your teachers to a nice date night, or even a night out with the whole family, by giving them a gift card to the movies. That way, they can join in the next time you’re discussing the latest release in their class.

Office supply store gift certificate

On a more practical note, all students spend money on office supplies. Even if your school buys some supplies, most teachers love new planners, colored pens, stickers, and everything else at these stores. It may seem like less fun than some of the other ideas, but your teacher’s face of excitement when receiving office supplies will be all you need to see how great this gift is to us.

Chocolate or candy

Not everyone likes chocolate, but few teachers can resist a sweet treat as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. If you choose this gift, go for more of an indulgent treat your teachers probably wouldn’t buy for themselves like those $10 fair trade, organic dark chocolate truffles (my personal favorite). Choose quality over quantity, especially around the holidays when cheap candy litters the school.

Anything homemade

This really should be number one on the list. Spending your free time to make us a work of art, a handmade bag, baked goods, or whatever else you are good at making speaks volumes about how much you care. If you make a large batch of something delicious, you can wrap individual servings for all of your teachers.

Weird stuff

One of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received from a student was a cheese grater. Sounds weird, right? Was it regifted? Maybe. Do I care? Not at all! Unwrapping something unusual is such a fun surprise! Another teacher pal loved a gift of some fake fur blankets from a student. These offbeat ideas may seem totally random but are actually really fun!

Interest-specific gifts

If you know any details about your teacher’s personal life, giving a gift that relates to it is extremely thoughtful. One teacher was moving to Colorado and adored the box of Rocky Mountain Chocolates they received as a going away present.

Things we complain about

This is sort of a silly gift, but nonetheless appreciated. Are you that kid who always needs to borrow a pencil? Buy your teacher a hundred pencils! Did you lose my stapler after borrowing it to decorate the halls? A funky replacement that won’t be mistaken for anyone else’s is a funny way to make amends.


This gift will bring life into your classroom or your teacher’s home. Decorative plants, especially those that are easy to care for, make any space more beautiful and relaxing.

Hopefully this list has at least one idea you can use. Whatever you decide, it really is the thought that counts. Your teacher already loves you, so receiving a gift of any kind will be seen as a token of gratitude that lets your teacher know you were thinking of them and wanted to say thanks. A handwritten thank you card with (or instead of) a gift can also melt a teacher’s heart and make the difficult parts of being a teacher all worthwhile.

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