10 Best Beach Reads for Summer 2018


Summer is here, which means you get to reward yourself for a long year of studying by soaking up the sun (SPF-protected, of course) and unwinding by the beach or pool. Savor the rays with one of these unputdownable new beach reads.

Need to use one as the basis for a post-summer book report? Never fear! There’s EasyBib’s easy online grammar checker.

The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll

Published on May 15, 2018

Five successful women land a reality series that ensues with plenty of drama. Hardly anything new—until it ends in murder. Sisters Brett and Kelly, along with a supporting cast of high-power characters, navigate envy and strife in a murder mystery that also explores sister relationships, societal pressures, and the glass ceiling. If you’re looking for a beach read that’s thought-provoking as well as entertaining, The Favorite Sister is a smart bet.

The Good Son by You-jeong Jeong

Published on June 5, 2018

Murder most foul makes another appearance in this new novel by South Korean author You-jeong Jeong, her first to be translated into English. Yu-jin is awakes in an early-morning haze doused in blood that isn’t his own—only to discover the mutilated body of his mother. He then sets out to find her killer. As young women begin to disappear from his town, Yu-jin finds out more than he bargained for about his own family’s past. Inspired by a true story (!), you might find yourself skipping the beach volleyball match to find out whodunnit.

Southernmost by Silas House

Published on June 5, 2018

If you’re searching for a captivating family drama, Silas House’s most recent novel should be on your list. After a flood decimates a small Tennessee town, evangelical Asher Sharp offers shelter to two gay men whose home was destroyed—creating tension with his prejudiced wife and much of the town. His relationships suffer tremendously, and after a custody battle, Asher flees with his son to Key West to find his estranged brother. This exciting and intense novel about timely issues will keep you on the edge of your seat (or towel).

Half Gods by Akil Kumarasamy

Published on June 5, 2018

This collection of entwined short stories will have you sitting down at the beach to read one tale and ending up with a finished book and a nice tan. Half Gods follows the stories of two brothers, linking them to other characters including a butcher in New Jersey, a Muslim girl with a Hindu name, and an etymologist in Sri Lanka. With its beautiful and evocative writing, this book will take you to far-flung places, no plane ticket required.

Treeborne by Caleb Johnson

Published on June 5, 2018

Travel through time with this debut novel, another set in the American south. Elberta, Alabama is a city that has gone through many changes over the years, as has the eccentric Treeborne family. Narrator Janie Treeborne tells the family’s history to her grandson as she stands to lose the family orchard that she loves so much. If you like quirky stories with a strong sense of place, this is the book for you.

Tell Me Lies by Carola Lovering

Published on June 12, 2018

This addictive novel explores the strange and toxic relationship between two characters, Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco, from their first days of college to their post-college life. Immediately attracted to the mysterious and alluring Stephen, Lucy doesn’t realize she’s going to stumble into the ultimate dark secret. With alternating narration exposing different sides of the story in a way we never get in real life, this novel will stay with you for the entire summer.

Who is Vera Kelly? by Rosalie Knecht

Published on June 12, 2018

Rosalie Knecht’s latest novel explores a different side of the Cold War with a distinct heroine. In 1962, Vera Kelly is a lively New Yorker who’s just getting by as a radio host when the CIA extends her an unexpected invitation. Next thing she knows, she’s in Buenos Aires, on a mission to infiltrate student radicals while trying to break into the local KGB faction. But Vera soon gets in over her head, giving her a new mission: survival. If you like spy stories and strong heroines, this is the book for you.

There There by Tommy Orange

Expected on July 5, 2018

This debut novel by Tommy Orange explores intimate family connections as well as large cultural realities through interconnected stories. Each tells the story of one character who has come to the Big Oakland Powwow for a different reason: Jacquie to reconnect with her estranged family, Opal to support her nephew’s dance performance, and Dene to remember his late uncle. Together, their stories explore the contemporary Native American experience in ways that are in turns tragic, funny, and beautiful.

What We Were Promised by Lucy Tan

Expected on July 10, 2018

This deep and satisfying first novel tells a different kind of diaspora story: the one that begins when we return. Wei, Lina, and Karen Zhen have recently relocated to Shanghai, China after years of living in America. In their new home, each family member settles into a new and unfamiliar role. Lina, who is used to having a career, is now a leisurely housewife; Wei works for an advertising company; and Karen attends a Chinese-American boarding school. The Zhen family learns to navigate their new lifestyles while butting up against their complicated pasts and rapidly changing country.  

Fresh Ink: An Anthology edited by Lamar Giles

Expected on August 14, 2018

This anthology of young adult short stories, graphic fiction, and plays features writing from outstanding YA authors such as Eric Gansworth, Sharon G. Flake, and Aminah Mae Safi. Among them are “Don’t Pass by Me,” a tale about an Indian-American boy embracing his culture, “Why I Learned to Cook,” a story of a young Persian girl getting to know her grandmother, and “Tags,” a play narrated by New York teenagers beyond the grave, among many more. Diverse in genre, narrator, and voice, this beach read leaves nothing out, but is sure to leave you wanting more.

We hope you enjoy these page-turners! If you need to turn one into a book report, brush up on how to make an APA book citation or see an example of MLA format. To make the citing even easier, there’s always EasyBib’s free citation generator. It never takes summer vacation.

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