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How to Cite a Song Found Online

Music is an art form—and just as you’d analyze a poem for a literary paper or cite a painting for an art history paper, you may find yourself using a song as a source, especially if you’re enrolled in music theory courses. Here, we’ve laid out how to cite a […]


ISTE 2017: Finding Your Way

Each summer, thousands of educators from around the world come together for the premiere event in edtech known as ISTE. I distinctly remember my first time attending ISTE many years ago in San Antonio, Texas. As a part of a group of 6 educators from my school district, I was […]

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The Power of National History Day Projects

One of the most important skills students need, especially in today’s society, is how to properly analyze sources while honing in on their critical thinking skills. In many cases, educational headlines and the media seem to focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). However, students will not be able […]

How to Cite a Documentary - Jiro Dreams of Sushi

How to Cite a Documentary Found Online

While you might think of books and journal articles as the go-to sources when writing essays, documentaries can also be a great source of information—and they can also serve as a form of entertainment. Citing a documentary might seem more complicated than citing a textbook, but we’ve put together this […]