Word Trivia for English Language Lovers


Calling all you wonderful word nerds! In a celebration of one of the most popular lingua franca on the planet, we have gathered a few little-known English facts that may shock, surprise and delight.

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World champion

All of those old papers saved on your computer are actually contributing to a greater cause. More than 80% of information saved on all computers in the world is in English making it the clear hardware dominance winner.

It’s the climb

Climbing halfway up a mountain is better than staying on flat ground but it can’t compete with reaching the summit. So it is no surprise that the direct translation of the adjective mediocre is halfway up a mountain.

No small parts

Where would the English language be without the little dot above the “i”? It’s called a tittle. Go ahead and blush, no one is looking.

Unusual dream

Unique and beautiful like a being from another dimension, the past tense version of the verb dreamt holds the distinct honor of being the only word in English that ends in “mt”.

The classic

Some things are too good to ever go out of style. The noun town is the oldest word still used in the English language, but it never looks out of place.  

A sound plan

The “zip” in zip code actually means something. Zoning improvement plan is the acronym spelled out and we bet you’ll never forget it.

Lone wolves

The words silver, purple, orange and month do not rhyme with any other words, but that’s ok because they are awesome on their own.

Looking sleepy

Take a closer peek at the word bed and what do you see? If “b” is the headboard and “d” is the foot, “bed” may just be the coziest looking word of all.

Word of all trades

Set has 464 definitions in the Oxford dictionary making it the word with the most. Now that is what we call versatility.

Travel safely

We say it over the phone, on the street and so many other places, but you’ll never guess what it actually means. Goodbye is derived from an old English phrase that meant “god be with you”

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