QUIZ: What punctuation mark are you?

Are you a secretive semicolon or an energetic exclamation point? Take our quiz and find out!

Writing is hard. Whether you’re battling those in text citations, making an annotated bibliography, or trying to figure out how to do a works cited page, it can feel like there’s no end to the struggles that take place between you and your keyboard. We’ve been there. We are there. We feel you.

Here at EasyBib, we love to make all those nagging citation issues a little (or a lot) easier through our resources and ace citation maker. But we know the challenges of writing A-worthy essays don’t just stop with formatting your sources and making sure you don’t plagiarize. There are lots of little writing issues that still get us, whether they have to do with spelling, grammar or punctuation. For example, where does the period go within a parenthetical? What is this “dangling modifier” our TA keeps accusing us of using so recklessly? And why can’t we ever spell “seperate” right on our first try? GO AWAY, LITTLE RED SQUIGGLY UNDERLINE!  

Writing may not always be easy, but it can be rewarding—and even fun. To prove it, we created this quiz to help you finally get  a definitive answer to the question: What punctuation mark are you?

And remember, if you want to whip up your bibliography almost as quickly as you took this quiz, EasyBib has your back!