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Quiz: Go Wild Over These Collective Nouns for Animals

You may know school of fish, herd of cattle, or even pod of dolphins, but can you guess the collective noun for crocodile? Perhaps our multiple choice quiz on collective nouns for animals will give you a clue. It’s a rhyming word safari and the challenge is to uncover the answers hidden right in front of you.

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Energetic, enthusiastic, or just happy not to become a lion-lunch—when zebras graze side-by-side, this is what we call a bunch.

Slow on land soaking up the sun, when _________ of crocodiles comes after you, you’d better run.

Perhaps it is difficult for humans to see, but when a group of hedgehogs views each other they spot variety.

One beats his chest, another stamps his foot, the third bursts into song; when gorillas get together, they’ll have you dancing all night long.

Walking in stately rows elephants don’t intend to put on a show, but when they walk together, no other word describes them better.

Government officials having nothing on these guys because when _________ of owls congregates their decisions are measured, controlled, and wise.

Where did they come from? Are they dropping from the sky? A bunch of grasshoppers appeared from nowhere. What shall we call this unusual surprise?

What are you scheming, goldfish in a bowl? Escape may be nearby, but then where would you go? Flopping on land is no place for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a group of nine, three, or two.

Dear deer, settle down. Everything will be alright. Your needs will be met, there is no need to fight. Hooves stamping all around, this is what we call deer in a crowd.

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