Introducing the New EasyBib Add-in for Office 365


Big news! The new EasyBib Add-in for Office 365 is now available, allowing you (or your students) to effortlessly cite as you write online. Best of all, this powerful new add-in is free!


In Office 365, the EasyBib Add-in opens as a column to the right of a document and lets users automatically generate citations for books, articles, or websites. This means you can easily copy and paste a quote into the document, cite it with the add-in, and immediately start writing your paper without navigating between windows. More efficiency means more time.

Depending on the source type, the EasyBib Add-in for Office 365 only needs the URL, title, author, ISBN, or keywords to begin the citation generation process. In addition, users can cite in MLA format, APA format, or Chicago style with just a few clicks. It really is that simple!

Our digital bibliography is also dynamic when it comes to citation styles. You can start citing in MLA format, discover on your syllabus that it’s actually supposed to have APA citations, and go back and easily change the citation style.

When you’re finally done with your paper, one click will insert your entire bibliography into the digital document. Voilà, and you’re done!

The EasyBib Add-in is free and easy to download. Try it out today!

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