bullet and box notetaking

Video Lesson: Box & Bullet Method of Note Taking

It’s a never ending search trying to find clever hacks and new techniques to make the note taking process easier for our students. Many websites and apps offer features and tools to help stay on task and organized. One tried and true note taking method that has lasted the test of time? The good ol’ Box and Bullet Method.

Box and Bullet method example

The Box and Bullet Method is a simple note taking strategy. There are many other types of note taking strategies, such as mapping and outlining, but the box and bullet method is one of the easiest to use.

This note taking strategy requires students and researchers to extract the main ideas and supporting details from sources. Each main idea is placed in a box and the supporting details are written directly below, next to bullet points.

If you’d like to show your students the power of the Box and Bullet Method, check out our brief, informative video.


In just over a minute, your students will learn how to:

  • Organize their paper or document
  • Extract the central ideas and supporting details from a source
  • Handle longer texts

Help your students stay organized and successful throughout the research process by sharing our Box and Bullet Method video with them. Don’t forget to remind your students to cite their sources! Whether they’re citing in MLA style, APA, or another style, EasyBib.com has all of the tools needed to create citations.


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