Why we create bibliographies and works cited lists

As part of research, it is essential to keep track of your sources. As you build your thesis and make your points, you will come across a variety of sources that will directly influence your ideas.

These ideas and facts, however, are only as credible as the sources they are derived from. Anyone can make an assertion, but to do so with the ability to cite where such information comes from adds legitimacy to your writing.

For this reason, researchers and students create a list of all the works that are cited in their paper – a works cited or a bibliography.

A citation is simply a reference to a source that helps support your paper. Each citation may support a particular point or numerous points within your paper.

To specify what part of a source your citation alludes to, we use parenthetical citations and footnotes within the paper to pinpoint these sections of the source. Because each citation reflects every source that has helped shape your paper, it is important to create citations for those sources that have relevancy to your paper.

If a reader would like to follow up on the credibility of a source, or would like to learn more about a particular idea, he or she can then consult the works cited list.

As we're sure you know, EasyBib makes it easy to create works cited and bibliography lists. To begin, just go back to our homepage.