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EasyBib EDU Sunsetting Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening?

On August 31, 2018, we will retire EasyBib EDU, our subscription product for institutions. It will not be replaced. Fortunately, will continue to provide free citation services in MLA format for everyone.

Those who need services for APA, Chicago, and other citation styles are encouraged to check out BibMe and Citation Machine. Both offer free citation creation services in several citation styles and for a number of different source types.

Why is EasyBib EDU begin sunsetted?

We are retiring our institutional services to focus efforts on our core citation functionality and complementary writing tools. We believe this gives us the best opportunity to improve students’ writing skills.

Is shutting down?

Happily, no! EasyBib EDU was one of the subscription services offered on, but is not the website itself. will continue to provide great citation services in MLA format for free, along with premium options (i.e. multiple citation styles, in-text citations, etc.) for individual subscribers.

I use EasyBib EDU. What does this mean for me? What should I do?

This means that access to EasyBib EDU premium features (i.e. APA citations, parentheticals, etc.), Easybib EDU accounts, and projects/citations created with EasyBib EDU will stop on August 31, 2018. It was previously July 15, 2018, but was pushed back to August.

Rest assured that you and your students will continue to have access to EasyBib EDU through August 31, 2018. This allows you to conduct and finish up any projects for the 2017-2018 school year. During this time, please share information about the upcoming transition with your faculty and students. Let them know about the retirement date and their citation export options in case they want to save their bibliographies. See below for options.

Will I have access to my citations after August 31, 2018?

EasyBib EDU accounts will also be retired on August 31, 2018 and no account information or citations will be saved. Fortunately, EasyBib EDU students who want to save their work have several export options (see below).

How can my students export and save citation work?

Students can export their citation work at any time. Here are their options:

What is the difference between an EasyBib EDU account and a regular EasyBib account? How can I tell if I have an EasyBib EDU account?

If you ever used an EasyBib EDU coupon code with your account, it is then considered an EasyBib EDU account. The easiest way to know is to check how you login to your account. If you login by clicking the “Sign in with EasyBib EDU” button, then you have an EasyBib EDU account.